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Coaches Corner

2018 Spring Manager /Coach Interest List is Open

Managing a little league team is a very rewarding experience. Taking a group of strangers at the beginning of the season and watching them turn into a team over the course of the season is such a tremendous experience. There is nothing better than running into a child or a parent 3 years later and having them tell you how much fun they had playing on your team. Some of these families will turn into life long friends.

No experience is necessary and training is provided.

Please sign up now 

Two background checks are required

Little League requires a background check and JCSD (parks dept) requires a additional check with badge to volunteer at the parks. Badges must be worn when volunteering

Background Check # 1

Little League Volunteer application

All volunteers (Managers, Coaches, Team Parents and Umpires) are required to complete a Little League Volunteer application each year. Please click on this link and complete the application, print it for your signature . Completed applications, along with a copy of your drivers license and SS# must be included. The volunteer app is required by Little League international.

 Please email of fax completed volunteer applications to 


Please include photo copy of your I.D. and social security number

Background Check # 2

JCSD Badge Application

ALL Managers, Coaches and Team Parents are required to have a current JCSD Badge. 

Apply online and pick up at the Community Center

The badge is required by the parks dept 



Become a Member of our  Website!

Eastvale Little League would like to ask all of our parents to sign up and become members of our new Website provided by Sport NGIN.

Signing up is quick and easy.  Go to the top left of the home page and click on "Create an Account".  It shoud take less than 1 minute to complete. 

Why do I need an account?

This is best way to receive all communications from the League. You will also be able to receive team email messages, track your team's game schedules, view standings and player's stats. You will also need an account to get the most from our free mobile app

Thanks for your support

ELL Board.

We're excited to announce that Eastvale Little League now has an app available (for free) on iOS and Android.

Makes it super-easy to follow your kids' teams.

Install the app and search for your team I.D. (found in the upper right of the team page) keep up with the latest schedules, scores, news and statistics while on the go with your Eastvale Little League app. Share photos and videos right from the game and enjoy rosters and player profiles, complete game-by-game statistics and receive push notifications for game/event updates, news articles, videos and posts all from your iPhone or Android phone.


Mobile App Help for Parents

Baseball Training Links

Little League Coaches Resource Center

This is a great resource center for training drills and coaching techinques.

Jugs Training Drills and Articles

Free drills and training compliments of Jugs.

Eastvale Little League:

Pitching Records 

To avoid any possible confusion, we have added the pitchers next eligible day to pitch.  

If you have any questions regarding these pitching records, please email