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Umpire Code of Conduct

Umpire Code of Conduct

Eastvale Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior of all umpires:

  1. Fairly call the game based on you’re best judgment of the rules (local and nation) as established by the league.
  2. Communicate the rules of the game effectively to the managers, coaches and players.
  3. Respond professionally when asked for clarification of rules and judgment calls.
  4. Treat both teams and all players equally and fairly and ensure the rights of players.
  5. Treat managers, coaches, other volunteers, players and parents with dignity. Attempt to pursue positive approaches to dealing with all parties.
  6. Show good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remember the real reason for the game: To have fun!
  7. Report to the Board any issues or problems beyond your authority or are unable to resolve.

Violence and Harassment Policy

In order to protect the climate of safety and security for all participants and to make clear Eastvale Little League's long standing position toward any threat or harassment toward any league participant; the League's Board of Directors has chosen to document this policy as a code of conduct. 

The Eastvale Little League (ELL) hereby adopts a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of violence and harassment, understood as: physical hitting, shoving, kicking, throwing of objects, unwanted sexual advances, all forms of physical assault; abusive language or e-mails, threats, harassment and intimidation; ejection from a game; any attitude or action that can be reasonably construed as violence toward another.

The ELL Board will immediately communicate this policy to all ELL members and stakeholders, especially managers, coaches, umpires, parents, and players, and advise them of their responsibility to report all incidents that can reasonably be construed as violence. 

Upon receipt of any report of alleged violence, the President of ELL or his lawful representative and an appointed sub-committee, will conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations are substantiated.  The investigation will commence within 7 days of the reported incident.

If the allegations of misconduct are substantiated, one or more of the following consequences will be recommended to the board. 

  • Be given a verbal/written warning that the action/behavior must stop immediately.
  • Be reprimanded verbally before the board and in writing and placed on probation for one year.
  • Be suspended from managing/coaching/umpiring any ELL team for any length determined by the board, and/or restriction from any and all activity associated with Eastvale Little League.

It is the intent of Eastvale Little League to ensure a safe, productive, and professional baseball environment and the board will render decisions with these principles in mind. 

Final decisions must be approved by the board of directors.  If any consequences are given by the board, the aforementioned sub-committee will appropriately inform the person(s) involved. Violation of any terms of consequence will result in a more severe consequence.