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2024 All Stars


* Parents/Players need to individually submit an online application to be considered for All Stars.  (AA parents for Little Stars is manager selected, no application required)

* In addition to the online application, every parent must complete the residency paperwork.  The forms are below, titled Player Verification, and Eligibility Requirements.

* School Enrollment proof is the easiest, way to prove eligibility, but it must be signed by an administrator at your school.  Please complete this immediately before school is out.

* Payment of $125 is required in advance, and with it the player will receive a custom All Star Jersey and All Star Hat.

* Families who's player is not selected for an All Star team will be refunded their payment the day after selections are announced.

* Application does not guarantee an All Star roster spot.   The application deadline is Sunday, 05/12/2024.

*Voting will begin on Monday, 05/13/2024.  Once voting begins, registrations will be closed.